Biblicial Outline Assignment CA-1

Outline Assignment

You will produce an outline from a Biblical subject that you will be assigned in class, for example “Hope in God”.

You will interview a person you feel is knowledgeable about the subject. It may be a teacher, but I would prefer that you interviewed a person that is associated in some way with your church or is an older personal friend who has studied the Bible for some time. A parent is fine.

You will produce an outline that contains the following items:
A minimum of 3 quotations from extra-Biblical sources (sources other than the Bible). These should include at least one quotation from the founding-fathers or an historical political figure.
A minimum of 3 Bible verses or passages. The text of the verse need not be included in the outline.
A minimum of 2 key thoughts from an interview, along with sub-points that explain the thought as presented. (There should be 2 sub-points under each point)
An introductory and closing paragraph as it would appear on a research paper that includes a personal summation of what you learned.
E-mail the assignment to a classmate who should add and track changes they feel will improve the outline. You should then adopt or discard the changes.
Upon completion of collaboration, the completed outline will be emailed to me.

You will also submit an edited “hard” copy to me along with a separate page or pages that include:
The name of the classmate you collaborated with
Notes from your interview
Any notes of research material you consulted including URLs of websites and books.

This outline will be used for this assignment and later in the year for both the website production and during the PowerPoint Unit. An effort should be made to produce quality work. (This could be a Bible Portfolio submission)

General Outlining Rules

Subdivide topics by a system of numbers and letters, followed by a period. (Dashes below indicate spaces)

Each heading and subheading must have at least two parts.

Headings for parts of the paper or speech such as "Introduction" and "Conclusion" are normally not used, but they ARE a part of this assignment and should be full paragraphs.


You will be graded on:
Quality of information
Depth of research
How well you followed directions
Inclusion of required content
Depth of research undertaken
Mechanical presentation (spelling, grammar, etc)

Printable Score Sheet