Website Project CA1


In this exercise we will develop and deploy a website. Please read carefully and listen for any classroom instructions. Directions given during class are important. This is just an overview and is not intended to be all inclusive.

Authoring Language

Technology changes rapidly and there are many types of languages that are currently in use for the development and display of websites on the Internet. We will use one of the oldest and most basic languages, HTML.

Content and Directives

Plagiarism and Copyright Infringement

Plagiarism and copyright infringement are two issues which plague the Internet due to the openness and the nature of the medium. You will be expected to respect other designer's work and create your own. Templates will not be used in this exercise. However, if you use them in the future, be sure to respect the author and give credit and links when directed.

Read all associated terms and conditions BEFORE downloading any material to be used on your site.

Privacy and Protection

In this exercise, you will NOT display any information which could lead someone to you. Your website should have NO last names, addresses, or any other identifiable information. If so it will NOT be posted and be penalized one letter grade. If you use a picture of someone, get their permission and be sure they understand it will be viewable by anyone with a computer and Internet connection.

Acceptable Content

In addition to originality and respect for other developer's work, the site must not contain bad language or questionable graphics. All of the rules for behavior outlined in the Student Handbook will be observed on the site as it relates to photos and language.

Helps and Aids

To aid you in this process, you will be provided with links to sites that have pictures, icons, music, clip-art, animations, and other material free for use on personal and educational websites. READ the rules and conditions for use before downloading anything. If you cannot abide by the agreement, do not use the item.
These assists can be found at

Authoring Tools

MS WORD will compile websites, but alignment of text and images
are sometimes problematic. For this exercise we will use an open-source, free WYSIWYG program called Nvu. It is available for download and can be used at home as well at

Saving your site

All pages, graphics, music, photos, and other files must be linked, not embedded in the HTML pages and be present within the SAME FOLDER when you are done as when you authored them to operate correctly when deployed. This type of link is called "relative to index" and will operate when uploaded to a web server.
IMPORTANT: Create a folder and save all your HTML files and any supporting files within that folder. You may have sub-folders for images, etc, just make certain they are in the sub-folder when you build the page.


Subject Matter - Additional content requirements and expectations will be
communicated to you in class. Remember, you may NOT use a template, website builder, or ANY OTHER page language to build your site.

This will be a personal website based on you. It must contain the biblical outline you produced in the WORD unit, and 4 other pages. These can be about family, sports, hobbies, original pictures, etc. Features should include: scriptures, outline, insight, quotations, widgets, and graphics. It must contain the Biblical Outline, and an original story, poem or other creation.


Minimum Required Content -NOTE: Minimum="C"
All websites must contain:

At least 5 pages
Bookmarks - If you don't know, ASK.
Graphics (minimum 5)
Mostly original material
A consistent, readable, pleasant theme
No full names or addresses
No errors in grammar, punctuation or spelling
A link to your homepage on every major page
A link to the "class" homepage on your homepage
Your homepage must be named "index.html" (without quotes)
Be less than 5 MB


Sites will be graded on content, originality, adherence to
guidelines, and functionality. There are minimum requirements for the site. (Remember minimum is at or below average and an average grade is a "C")

Due Dates

Due dates and other deadlines will be communicated in class.

Most importantly, we will go over the requirements several times in class. I am here to help. Relax and have fun!!!