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These are provided to help you find age appropriate games and resources to teach you in a fun way to think.  Please report any broken links or problems to


Technology Spies

Student Suggested Links

Credits and Debits:
Understanding Practical Money Management

All About Money

Math Homework 

Math Homework Help

All Ages

Cool Math Games

Houghton Mifflin Math Games

RIF Reading Planet

BBC KS1 Literacy, Math, and Science

Harcourt - Grammar Practice Park

Sheppard Software - Science, Language, Geography ( K-Adult )

Lab Activities

Internet 4 Classrooms

Soft Schools

Sheppard Software

Biology 4 Kids

4th Grade - MS Word - Tutorials

5th Grade - MS Word - Tutorials

6th Grade - MS Word - Tutorials

Grades 1-4 Math Practice

Kindergarten - Early 1st

Games Just for Kindergartners - Wacona

First Grade 

Virtual Farm

Math Practice

Steps for success

Discovery for Kids

NASA for Kids


Smithsonian for Kids

National Geographic for Kids

2nd Grade 

Wordly Wise Games

Math Practice

Counting by 2's

Counting Change

"Alien Addition"

Bowling Subtraction

Consonant Blends

Spelling Practice

Reading Room

3rd Grade 

The Iditarod - Dog sled race

Native Americans

Native American Fact Sheets

Native American Nations - Research

Native Americans -Wikipedia

Math Practice Decimals

ASM 1 and 2 Decimal Places

Decimal Practice


Fractions - AAA Math

Bug Splat

List of Many Games

Help with Fractions - Not Games

Multiplication/Division Games

Multiplication 2 digit by 1 digit

Multiplication 2 digit by 1 digit

Mathfacts Timed Practice - ASMD (Each factor can be adjusted to an upper limit.) (Multiplication Max 9X9) Timed Practice - ASMD  (Each factor can be adjusted to an upper limit.)  (Multiplication Max 12X11)

Space Planet Blaster  - ASMD  (Each factor can be adjusted up to 95X100)

Robot Calculator (Factors adjusted as easy-mediun- hard)

Math Baseball -ASMD

Bug Builder - ASMD

Picture Builder 

Multiplication Practice


Make a Bar Graph

Mean Mode and Median - Lessons and Exercises

Range Game

Train Race

Fun Science Projects

Exploratorium Science Snacks


Programmable Typing

Only Typing Games

Spider Typer

Online Typing Games

Games and Lessons

Free Typing Games

Typing Lessons

4th-6th Writing Helps

Guide to Grammar and Writing

5th Grade



5th & 6th Grade Approved Links- Research Animals

Monroe County Library Research

Monroe County Public Library Research Page (Library card is required for some databases)

Inspire Indiana Database (on-campus access only without personal password)

BBC video clips of animals 

The Electronic Zoo

The Oakland Zoo 

All About Birds

The Awesome  Library - Animals

Animal Planet - Discovery

NatureServe Explorer

U of M Zoology - Animal Diversity Web

Kidzone - Animal Facts

Smithsonian - North American Mammals

Encyclopedia Britannica for  Kids

National Geographic - Animals

Yahoo Kids Seardh  - Animals

Yahoo Directory for Animals Insects and Pets

Missionary Research - Biographies

Africa map and Facts



Hansel and Gretel


The Golden Goose

Little Tiny or Thumbelina

The Emporers New Clothes

Little Red Riding Hood

The Ugly Duckling


Snow White

The Frog Prince

The Frog King

The Little Mermaid

The Princess and the Pea

Sleeping Beauty

The Tortoise and the Hare

All Ages - Science and Technology

Science Exploration - Many Topics

Atmospheric Phenomenon

NASA - Activities, Games, Videos, Resources


Volanoes - US Geological Survey

Volcano Pictures

Volcano World  OSU

Volcanoes Interactive Annenberg Foundation

Articles for researching Volcanoes - Inspire   (May require sign-in off campus - Ask parents for help)


Geography Fun

Reference Resources


Mr Gero's Link Page (Under Construction)


Internet Public Library

The Free Library (Many full-text articles)

The Free Dictionary

Elementary Concepts (Big help - Great for parents to help)